Reading List

Here’s what I’ve been reading so far in 2017:

Jeffrey Robbins, Radical Theology
Heidi Campbell and Stephen Gunner, Networked Theology
Richard Kearney, The God Who May Be
Kester Brewin, Getting High
Albert Camus, the Rebel
Katherine Keller, Cloud of the Impossible
Abraham Heschel – the Sabbath
Robert Reiss – Sceptical Christianity
James K A Smith – How (Not) to be Secular
John Caputo – The Weakness of God
Jurgen Moltmann – the Source of Life
Paul Tillich – Systematic Theology Vol 1
Charles Taylor – A Secular Age
Paul Tillich – My Search for Absolutes
Brian McLaren – the Great Spiritual Migration

Currently reading or in the queue: Dianna Butler Bass, Grounded

Mary Jane Rubenstein, Worlds Without End

Slovoj Zizek and John Millbank, The Monstrosity of Christ

NT Wright, The Challenge of Jesus

Richard Rohr, From Wild Man to Wise Man





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