Screenless Sabbath

Hi my name is Robert and I’m addicted to screens. How do I know this? I habitually check social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I feel phantom vibrations as I eagerly await the latest notification or text. Google is my best friend and I find it hard to answer the simplest query without consulting the all … More Screenless Sabbath

Does the church have anything to offer Canadian Spirituality?

In the most recent issue of the great “culture jamming” magazine Adbusters on “Spiritual Insurrection” the great Canadian thinker, writer John Ralston Saul has some very interesting things to say about Canadian spirituality.  First of all I think he pretty much nails the contemporary Canadian spiritual temperature when he says we have been forced to decide between the fale dichotomies … More Does the church have anything to offer Canadian Spirituality?

Disconnect to Connect

I’m just back from a 4 day silent retreat at St. Catherine’s Renewal Centre in Grand Falls-Windsor NL. Retreats, especially silent retreats, are great gifts.  There is a long tradition in the church of the need to get away, to retreat temporarily from the world. Just last sunday the Gospel reading told of how even … More Disconnect to Connect