Return (For Mavis)

When I die          Bury me at sea Let the waves be my pall Let the ocean’s salty tears wash over me My leaving a return Like the tides and the currents When I die Lay me to rest on the barrens Cover me in lichen and moss Call the fog to come to my wake … More Return (For Mavis)

Ordinary Epiphany

There are no Magi No men in soft robes No alchemist, sorcerers No caravan of students, servants, slaves No cantankerous camels or stubborn pack mules No impractical gifts No shiny gold coins No pungent incense No foreboding myrrh No treasure chests except in high towers and executive suites. There is no alien star No astronomical … More Ordinary Epiphany


It’s a hand on a door an opening that will forever change everything On the other side a reuniting, long lost dry mouth heart pounds swallow hard and turn It’s a mother’s last push an arrival that will forever change everything Into this world a new life, innocence bear down sweat beads crowning scream and … More Advent

The Road Trip

Remember that road trip that we took? That day when we piled into the car packed with towels, blankets, snacks and a shared need to get away. We barrelled over the highway toward a day of summer fun. Early morning haze still hung in our heads. We argue over how much further we sing along … More The Road Trip


Into a dark sky a light seen by the seers who should not see. A spark a magnet pulling them toward truth.   Into a dark world a light a piercing, penetrating light. A spark But only of the faintest kind.   Into my dark places a light not only to show the shadows. A … More Epiphany

Another Year

Another  year the annual farewell bidding goodbye to what has been to embrace what might be new. We raise a glass to all that was, and kiss opportunity. Another year, another chance. This year say goodbye to resolutions and welcome transformation. Let go of certainty and embrace the hand of doubt. Abandon your pursuit of … More Another Year

No One

  No one There is no one else.   No one else Knows me like you do No one.   No one else Lays me bare the way you do No one.   No one else Gets to the heart of me like you do No one.   No one else Makes me laugh and … More No One