Prayer is …

Prayer is wonder at a vast canopy of distant, shimmering galaxies, suns and planets
Prayer is eyes drinking in a pink and gold sunset
Prayer is brush and paint on a blank canvas

Prayer is a writer birthing words, ideas, stories, truth

Prayer is a bow across strings and fingers on keys, beauty rising like incense 

Pray is the laughter of a child

Prayer is mother and baby gazing into each others’ eyes for the first time

Prayer is gentle hands nursing sickness into health

Prayer is a protest sign held high against the gathering storm of darkness, hatred, violence 

Prayer is a desperate cry, hope against hope, hands punching the air at an invisible and apathetic god

Prayer is bodies moving in unison in cathedrals, soup kitchens and bedrooms

Prayer is the mundane rhythms of pulling weeds from gardens, hanging laundry to dry, walking the family dog

Prayer is silence 

Prayer is



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