Return (For Mavis)


When I die         

Bury me at sea

Let the waves be my pall

Let the ocean’s salty tears wash over me

My leaving a return

Like the tides and the currents

When I die

Lay me to rest on the barrens

Cover me in lichen and moss

Call the fog to come to my wake

Surrounded by its misty presence

Like a million mourners come to meet my end


When I die

Lay me in the bog

Let the grassy depths envelope me

Like my mother’s womb

My final coming home

Returning to the start


When I die

Plant me in the woods

Nestle me deep in the roots of some spruce or birch

Let the wind in the branches

Laughing and clapping

Celebrate my life


When I die

Take me to the highest hill and leave me there exposed

Ask my old friend the sun and my old nemesis the dark

To come pay their respects

Let the moon come and kiss my cold cheek

Light the stars like memorial candles

One for every breath, hope, fear and dream


From this place I came

To this place I shall return

I will become the sea crashing on the shore

The barrens, the bog and the forest too

The rocks of the hills

From dust I came to dust returned and returning


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