The Mood


Where is this mood

this sought after spirit

to set the days ahead?

So contingent on lights and tinsel

and packaging in bows

on holiday music

droned through cheerily decorated

big box stores.

So dependent on fond memories

of first snow falls

and favourite gifts

of sipping eggnog around fireplaces

and obligatory office parties

parades, carolers and halls finely decked.

So inspired by greeting card scenes

of celestial bodies

and quaint scenes of

mother and father and silently sleeping baby

of bewildered shepherds

and worshipping magi.

We look to admen and preachers

to sleek ads and bully pulpits

to poets and singers

and self proclaimed sages

to stir within us

to kindle lights dimly burning

in the onset of winter’s dullness

to shake us from the duldrums

of our reality tv lives

our 9 to 5 24/7

economy of scarcity

of bread and water

disguised as milk and honey

mortgaged on a line of credit

for which we did not ask nor cannot pay

What is this mood?

Who can name it, paint it, sing it

mass produce it

on tshirts and coffee mugs

make it so that we can feel it

like that much anticipated

but oh so predictable ending

to the paint by numbers romantic comedy

where boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back?

What is the advent of this mood

the awakening of our festive senses?

What ignites our hope peace joy love?

What turns our gazes heavenward, inward, outward?

Just this simple divine truth

God mighty and powerful

was born in blood and pain

in the backwaters of nowhere

unseen, unknown

in piss and shit and straw

and it brings me to my knees

every time.


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