Go in Pieces – A Dismiss(ion)al


As you push yourself back from the sacred meal
lift your legs from under God’s table
feel the fullness in your belly.
Go in peace
yes, yes go in peace
with love on your lips
service in your hands
driven and haunted by the holy ghost.
But as you go in peace
go in pieces
broken like the bread
blessed and given
poured out like wine.
Go in pieces, scattered
like crumbs from the rich man’s table
though crumbs yet a feast
enough to feed the world.
Go blown on the wind like dandelion seeds
kingdom weeds
spreading good news.
Go sprinkled
salt from the shaker
yeast in the batch.
Go in pieces
broken into one
dispersed as light in a dark world.
Yes go broken
wounded even
go as sinner and saint
prodigal and prophet
go gently
yet with wisdom
with haste
yet with calm.
Go in pieces
flung like seeds by a foolish sower
into dry soil
rocky ground
and fertile plain
into quiet village and inner-city bustle
to living rooms
birthing rooms
dying rooms
dining rooms
into soup kitchens and food banks
into public square and private home.
Yes go in peace
broken pieces
go in pieces.


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