The Road Trip

Dog Waiting in Car

Remember that road trip that we took?
That day when we piled into the car
packed with towels, blankets, snacks
and a shared need to get away.
We barrelled over the highway
toward a day of summer fun.
Early morning haze
still hung in our heads.
We argue over how much further
we sing along
to old and new songs
we laughed at old stories and places and people.
We spent the day
soaking up every last drop
not wanting any drop to go to waste.
We gazed at clouds that floated overhead
like puffy thought balloons
each one a thought, a dream, a wish
for days like this.
We splashed and swam
until our skin was dried and wrinkled
only taking time to treat ourselves
with snacks and to quench our thirst.
For supper a greasy spoon
no gourmet, no healthy choice
but has anything tasted as good before or since?
The sun seemed to hang on for us that day
took its time going down
as if it knew that day was unlike other days
and it too did not want it to end.
As evening came
and we headed back
tired eyes sorted through memories
and filed them away
so that on darker days, shorter days
days when the sun does not shine as bright
and life as nudged us along
to another stage
we can look back, reminisce, and ask
Remember that road trip that we took?


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