Vulnerability (Sympathy for Thomas)

I wear my failures like a scar

Reminding me of times I have spoken without listening

Acted without praying

Lived without thought.

My doubt is my wound

Reminding me that I have more questions than answers

That my way is not the only way

Perhaps not even the best way.

My fear is like a fracture

Exposing the rawness of the marrow of my faith

Breaking apart my certainty

Causing me to limp.

My sin is a bruise, a blackened eye

Broken blood vessels from my desire to go my own way

To do my own thing

Blurring my vision.

Put your finger here, see my wounds.

Reach out your hand and put it here.

To suffer is human

To be weak is divine.

My Lord and my God

May my wounds help those who do not see to believe

And those who believe

To see.


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