The End is Near (or is that the Beginning)

The end is near, the end of Lent that is. Along with it my Lenten Prayer Journey  is coming to an end. I do not feel like I’m ending on a strong note. I started slow, stayed slow, and I’m ending slow. Don’t get me wrong its been a great experience, one that will stick with me for a long time. I have thought a lot about prayer and gained a new appreciation for the daily offices. I have had some great conversations about prayer and prayed with some truly wonderful people. Sadly, though, I never did get into the rythym of the six daily offices.

That being said I am not conceding defeat. This is Holy Week, the home stretch, I can see the finish line, or is it the starting line. Lent is like that isn’t it? We get so focused on the end of it, of getting through it, that when we get to the end we realize that this is really just the beginning. Lent is preparing us for the beginning of life, not the end. Lent is training, training for new life, the new life of Easter.

The great Christian thinker Augustine once said Christians are an Easter people, meaning we are a people of second chances, fresh starts, do-overs, mulligans, reboots. So I won’t let my struggles get me down. I will get another chance, and another, and another, and another to try and get it right. So instead of saying the end is near, perhaps I should have said the beginning is near.

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