What does it look like to pray? A few questions on prayer

I love conversations around the dinner table. In our house the coversations are always lively and you never know what topics will pop up. Sometime ago at dinner, out of the blue my daugther asked the question: what does it look like to pray? That’s a great question, though for some of you probably its a no brainer. But do we really know the answer to that question? You kneel, you fold your hands, you close your eyes, right?? You do it in church on Sunday or a quiet place before you go to bed. You tell God what you need done and expect God will do it. Is that really what prayer looks like or is it just a caricature of how we think prayer looks?

My daughter’s question really has me thinking and so does my Lenten Prayer Journey. And I’m not only thinking about about her question but others as well: How do you pray? Where do you pray? When do you pray? What do you pray? Who do you pray to or who do you pray for? Then there is the mother of all prayer related questions: why do you pray? Honestly that one makes me a little nervous. Sometimes the answer to that question is a little too confident about what We (emphasis on us) do or say, and other times the answers tend to be overly fatalistic to the point where our prayers become redundant.

I thought that if I struggle with these question then others probably do as well. And if they don’t, well then they should. So over the next little while I’ll be sharing some thoughts on these prayer questions and I hope you will share your thoughts as well.


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