Running with the Devil

“The devil made me do it.” “The devil is gonna get you.” “The devil is in the details.” “Get behind me Satan.” The church has always had  mixed feeligs about Satan. On the one hand we’ve been taught to fear and avoid anything that smacks of Satan. On the other hand, we love to blame things on Satan: broken down cars, heavy metal music, politicians. We loathe this personification of evil yet we dress it up in red tights and give it a pitch fork. But what does the Bible actually say about satan? or has he is also known the devil, Lucifer, the prince of lies, Beelzebub.

Why am I getting on about the devi you might ask. Well I’ve been reading Tripp York’s oh so funny, yet informative book The Devil Wears Nada. You could call it York’s quest for the historical satan. He talks to evangelicals, liberals, unitarians, scholars, pastors, and laypeople in order to find out more about the one they call Lucifer. In the end York tends to locate satan in governments, corporations, and social injustices than in demon possessions and reports of bogeymen. His humor and the zany,though sincere, folks that he meets along the way make this a book worth reading.


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