Cape Bonavista

A slight tilt of the earth Summer season Sea, wind and land meet Bird, fish and human congregate Lured by sun The rhythm of life  And we were drawn too Drawn by the tilting The wind and the sea Coaxed by the sun to the edge of the land In step with the rhythm of … More Cape Bonavista

Prayer is …

Prayer is wonder at a vast canopy of distant, shimmering galaxies, suns and planets Prayer is eyes drinking in a pink and gold sunset Prayer is brush and paint on a blank canvas Prayer is a writer birthing words, ideas, stories, truth Prayer is a bow across strings and fingers on keys, beauty rising like … More Prayer is …

Your Handy-Dandy Guide to Church Membership

So what are the traditional marks of membership of the church? Of course the criteria varied according to denomination, ideology, time, and culture. I make no claims to an all-encompassing or exhaustive list of how the church has viewed membership. This list just reflects my own understanding. Baptism. On the surface I have no issue … More Your Handy-Dandy Guide to Church Membership

Mary, Resistance, Refugees and Inspiration: A (Late) Sermon for the 4th Sunday of Advent

After a very busy Christmas season I am finally able to get this sermon up for all to read. It was a very emotional Sunday that day when this was preached. I hope the emotion comes through in the written format. – Rev. Rob This Sunday in our Lenten lectionary readings we turned our attention … More Mary, Resistance, Refugees and Inspiration: A (Late) Sermon for the 4th Sunday of Advent

Welcome to Worship – may we see your membership please?

Perhaps you have found yourself in this situation. You’re headed home after work, most likely late. There’s some kind of class, game, or meeting after work and you just don’t have time to get supper prepared, eaten and cleaned up before you have to be out the door again. Solution? Costco! So you run to … More Welcome to Worship – may we see your membership please?

Return (For Mavis)

When I die          Bury me at sea Let the waves be my pall Let the ocean’s salty tears wash over me My leaving a return Like the tides and the currents When I die Lay me to rest on the barrens Cover me in lichen and moss Call the fog to come to my wake … More Return (For Mavis)

Holy Saturday

In between darkness and light between despair and hope The heart of a solar eclipse Descending to ascend darkest depths Earth and rock my final meal Forgotten and forsaken Like a refugee child of war Yet even the darkness vibrate with the promise of light like thunder promising rain to a choked wilderness Something stirs … More Holy Saturday